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Discipline with Parallel Magazine

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to say that although I have not been aggressively pushing the site, I am still building the brand. I had the opportunity to work with one of the most creative group of people recently on the Discipline Model Call shoot. I would like to encourage you to check it out.

Please take note to the Know Mee accessories used throughout the shoot. You will notice not only the necklaces, but the harnesses, shoulder pads (feathered bibs), chokers on the sleeves, and a few other signature touches.

Mr. Wilson Ebo is an amazing stylist and Patrick Amara's eye behind the camera is undeniably genius. I was a small part of this incredible project so take note of the entire team. Please check them out on Instagram:

•Produced by:@parallelmagazine @a4dableevents •Models: @toboreoweh @iam_yawosei Lucky •Cinematographer: @champtionstudio •Photographer: @PkDesignPhotos •Wardrobe stylist: @williefifteen @foodandDenim •Male Wardrobe Designers: @mrnnamdimoghalu•Women Wardrobe Designers: @oyato @michellegibson @iamthriftmajor •Accessories: @bignecklalace •Hair stylist: @roxhairstyles •Makeup artist: @akuarobinson •BTS video @litu_prince

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