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About Us

Know Mee was founded by Rhiannon-Nadine Hinnant also known as TheyKnowMee, the stylist.  The online boutique was formed after searching for hours on end to find the perfect necklaces to compliment her looks.  


Know Mee was created in 2015 for the fashion conscience. It launched as a remedy for people who are forced to buy from companies that seem to offer products for the average person with average style.


We are here to provide a one-stop shop for extraordinary ladies with eclectic taste.  Inspired by diverse cultures and an original sense of style.  Know Mee specializes in necklaces that are BIG!  And believe me..."There is no such thing as too big!"


Thank you for your business and more importantly thank you for choosing Know Mee to express your own personal style.


Welcome to the clique!

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